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What You Need To Know About ACN/ACN Lookup

ACN/ACN Lookup stands for Australian Company Number. Every company in Australia is issued with a unique 9-digit number, in compliance with the Corporations Act of 2001. ACN/ACN Lookup is required to be shown in a number of documents, with the purpose of providing companies adequate numerical identification when transacting business. For newly formed companies, the ACN/ACN Lookup is issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) upon business registration. The numbers are generated using an algorithms and the last digit is assigned as the check digit that will be used as basis for verification.  

Where ACN/ACN Lookup Is Required To Appear

The law mandates that the ACN/ACN Lookup of the company should appear on all its eligible negotiable instruments and public documents. The items on which ACN/ACN Lookup should appear include:

 Orders for goods and service

 Official company notices

 All documents required to be lodged with ASIC

 Receipts

 Statement of accounts, included invoices

  Company letterheads

 Promissory notes, cheques and bills of exchange

 Written advertisements such as completion of an order form

If the company name appears in several pages of a negotiable instrument or business document, the ACN/ACN Lookup should be indicated on the first page following the company name. In cases where the document lists a number of different companies, each corresponding ACN/ACN Lookup should be clearly typed in such a way it is easy to understand which ACN/ACN Lookup relates to what company. The ACN/ACN Lookup of a company should also appear clear and readable and can either be indicated as ACN/ACN Lookup or Australian Company Number.